Wireless Sensor Networks Projects :

Wireless sensor networks projects which includes wireless application like Zigbee , Home automation system, Health monitoring system and in many more application.

Doing Wireless sensor network projects in health monitoring, patient monitoring systems is practically impossible. So we can do simulation for those kind of projects instead of implementing it directly in the original network.

What are the types of Wireless Sensor Networks?

  • Wireless Personal Area Network
  • Wireless Local Area Network
  • Wireless Wide Area Network
  • Wireless Mesh Area Network
  • Cellular Network
  • Wireless Metropolitan Area Network

Applications of Wireless Sensor Network Projects:

  • Wireless Sensor Network contains distributed sensor nodes which monitors physical or environmental conditions like Sound, pressure, Temperature , etc
  • A wireless Sensor Network can be built using thousands of nodes with all nodes get connected together to one sensor
  • A Wireless Sensor Node has transceiver with internal or external antennas, a controller and a circuit that manages the energy
  • Topology of the network may be like star, mesh, bus, ring , etc.

Advantages of Wireless Sensor Network Projects:

  • More flexible
  • It can be accessed by centralized access point
  • It prevents wiring work
  • It prevents wiring work
  • Cost is low when compared to wired network
  • Easily portable
Example of Wireless Sensor Networks:

Wireless sensor nodes can be used to sense the environmental condition weather condition. In this example consider agricultural weather, sensor nodes can be used to find the temperature that is suitable for agriculture. we can use the wireless sensor nodes to automatic irrigation system. By checking the moisture of the soil , we have to ON and OFF the water pump. So that manual interruption get reduced. Before we implement the sensor nodes we can use some simulator like omnet++, NS2, NS3 to simulate the scenario and we can detect the life time , working capacity of the sensors. We always guide you in the right path to simulate all type of scenarios.

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