Phd in Steganography:

What is Steganography?

Steganography is a process of hiding information so that it cannot be accessed by third party or any other unauthorized users. Hiding a image, text, audio inside another media like video , image, audio or text is called covered work and this process of changing its property is called as stegogramme.

The stegogramme is the secret message. The stegogramme is sent from Alice to Bob. Any people who interrupts this communication they will get only stegogramme and they can not decrypt the original message. In fact the message is even secret that they cannot find that a message is transferred within the covered work.

Steganography is a computational work which covers a digital media within another digital work so that the sensitive information is concealed with it that digital media.

There are many algorithms available and we could develop and give you new ideas on steganography to do your PhD in Steganoraphy.


Example topic for PhD in Steganography:

One of the type of steganography is spatial domain technique . In this method the message is directly embedded with the intensity of the pixel. LSB (Least Significant Bit) is most popular spatial domain steganography method.

We can increase the security of any algorithm. We can increase the protection level using algorithm like Outguess , Jsteg compression algorithm, JPEG compression algorithm , etc. And sometime we can use two algorithms to conceal the secret information . So that the message is doubly protected and quite tricky to third party people to increase the protection.

Initially the secret message is embedded in a cover image and the resultant image is further concealed by another image. So the message is doubly protected in this algorithm.

We find the result by finding the protection level of the proposed work. Also how much time required for the receiver to decrypt the original information. We can use any software like MATLAB, JAVA , VB, .Net to implement the algorithm. For PhD in steganography thesis writing work is also done by us with a PhD scholars.

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