Phd in Wireless Body Area Networks

WBAN - wireless Body Area Network, these type of technology is developed due to its requirement in medical applications. Wireless body area network is used to collect information like heart beat rate, human activity, sleep sequences or geographical position of any part of the world.

Applications of Wireless body area networks:

Wireless body area network is human wearable sensors and it has lot of applications some of them are listed below

      Personal Fitness
      Living Assistant
      disaster reliever
      Medical application (Patient Monitoring)

With the help of wireless communications near to human body the WBAN is developed. In WBAN the sensors embedded need to communicate efficiently and actively once any abnormal things found on the human body on which it is embedded. Also the device need to send the measured values periodically. The device should be easily reconfigurable and manageable.

In WBAN the sensors need to communicate itself (i.e the sensors implanted on body) to the sensor that is outside the human body. So the communication becomes a challenging task and lifetime of the sensor need to be long as possible to develop a friendly atmosphere of user. Health condition of the human need to be maintained by this WBAN so if any failure in the sensor will lead to any problem.


Example topic for PhD in Wireless body area networks:

The wireless sensor node which is implanted on human body need to send information to one of the node that is externally planted. For example consider that a patient need to be monitored for 24 hours and 5 sensors are implanted on body . The nodes will sense the temperature, pressure, heart beat rate, etc. Each node need to communicate with the external hub but here we could create a access point which collects the information from all other nodes and sends the information to hub.

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