PhD in wireless communications

Wireless communication is the way that any device communicate with each other without any cable or wire or electronic conductors. The device communicates with the help of air and electromagnetic waves. In today's world wireless communication become essential part of the world. PhD in Wireless Communications pays a way to future 5G standard and many IOT applications.

Advantages of Wireless communication:

      Installation cost will be low when compared to wired cable network
      Maintenance cost will be low
      Usage of internet can be flexible
      Data can be transmitted faster and from anywhere

Applications of Wireless communication:

There are many applications in wireless communication and some of the application are listed below

  • Cell phone
  • Wireless Sensors
  • TV remotes, AC remotes, etc
  • Security alert systems
  • Many computer interface devices like wireless mouse
  • Traffic analyzing System

Doing PhD in wireless communication is a wise decision. Because Wireless communication is a vast technology and also a emerging technology. And we can get more novel ideas with the help of wireless communication. And Wireless Sensor Network is one of the best application . These wireless sensor network is implemented in many domains like healthcare, Army, etc. Wireless sensors can be implemented in many areas to monitor the environment condition.

Example for Wireless communication:

Mass deployment and adoption of wireless communications can be used in the military application. More important thing in wireless communication is battery life time. We have to enhance the battery life of wireless sensor so that it need not to be re-installed again and again. We have to concentrate on enhancing the battery life time. We could increase the life time by decreasing the flooding in sensor network. If the sender node directly knows all the information like destination node's position, id , etc then it can directly communicate with the destination node. So that the energy required to send message to other nodes or energy to re-route the information can be saved.

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