IOT projects for students :

The internet of things is a big thing that connects electrical , mechanical devices, automobiles to other physical devices to control the environment. In IOT project user can control more than one digital devices with the help of graphical user interface (GUI). The sensors placed in the environment will continuously senses the environment and sends the information to the digital devices. So that the user can make a decision based on information collected.

Examples of IOT projects for students:

  • IOT related Smart Lighting Intelligent for smart lighting the street lights for efficient use of power system.
  • Home automation system that helps to automate home and to easily handle home appliances using internet of things
  • Traffic light congestion system and warning system. It helps to control traffic , monitor vehicles , monitor pedestrians , etc
  • Pollution monitoring system that controls sound pollution in urban and rural areas. Also we can control pollution around schools, colleges, hospital , etc
  • Smart parking system based on internet of things that helps to maintain the busy city's parking system.
  • Find the material condition based on the vibration of the material using internet of things. For example we can find the building material condition by continuously sensing its material.
  • Smart road system helps to exchange information between vehicles on road and to know about the traffic jam on road.
  • Garbage monitoring system using internet of things , this system helps to keep the city clean. It is used to find whether the garbage bin is full in one particular area using digital information.

The above stated project ideas helps to so iot projects for students. In addition to the above topics we help with many ideas to do iot projects for students.

Applications of Internet of things:

  • smart connected homes
  • Industrial Automation
  • wearable to healthcare
  • Smart Cities
  • Automotive/Transportation
  • Agriculture
  • Energy Management

Application of internet of things is increasing day by day and helps us to manage our life. We help to do iot projects for students.

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