PhD in Software Engineering

Why PhD in Software Engineering?

Software engineering is an engineering branch which helps to develop software products with methods, procedures and principles . Outcome of any software engineering work is reliable and efficient software product.

What is difference between Programming code and a software?

A program is just a executable code. But software is more than a programming code. Software is a collection of executable programming code , documents, libraries. The software is mainly developed for serving computational operations. The software that is designed for specific purpose is called as software product.

Guidance for PhD in Software Engineering:

The process of developing the software product is called software evolution. The Software Evolution starts from requirement gathering process. The requirement is gathered from the user and the developers develop a prototype in order to get feedback from users. The users or clients suggest the changes and the developers develops the product accordingly.

Necessity for Software Engineering:

Software engineering is required because the need of users is increasing day by day. And the maintenance of a software in the environment.

  • Dynamic Nature
  • Cost
  • Quality Management
  • Scalability

A good software product has the following three characteristics. They are

  • Transitional
  • Operational
  • Maintenance

The operational term represents Efficiency, Usability, Functionality, Correctness, Budget, Safety , security. And the term transitional includes Adaptability, Interoperability, Portability, Reusability. And the term maintenance represents Scalability, Maintainability, Modularity, Flexibility


How to develop a software engineering product:

In general software is developed using software development life cycle (SDLC). SDLC is well structured series of steps or stages that followed in software engineering to develop a software product.

Framework of SDLC:

To develop a software product SDLC gives various steps to be followed

  • Communication between client and the developer
  • Gathering requirements from clients
  • Developers find feasibility on requirements of users.
  • System Analysis
  • Designing software
  • Coding process
  • Testing the code developed
  • Integrating the code
  • Implementing the software on client side
  • operations and maintenance

We follow SDLC method of developing the software and helps you to design software and help you to complete your PhD in Software Engineering. Any doubts about implementation of project for PhD in Software Engineering do mail us.