PhD in Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing is the process when the data , applications and services are transferred to internet cloud. And the cloud computing refers to accessing this services and application with the help of any device. People preferably select this topic (PhD in Cloud Computing) worldwide.

Characteristics of Cloud Computing:

Dynamic Provisioning:

Based on the requirements the cloud dynamically provide services to the users. And this can be done with the help of software. The dynamic scaling should be done when maintaining reliability and scalability.

Shared Infrastructure:

Cloud uses virtualization which shares the memory , software model , network capabilities.

Managed Metering:

Cloud computing uses metering to optimize and manageable services to provide billing and reporting information. With the help of this metering the consumers are charged for the services they used during the billing period.

Advantage of Cloud Computing:


Disaster recovery is one of the best advantage of cloud computing.

Mobile Accessible:

cloud computing is a boon to mobile users. With the help of internet user can access services from cloud anywhere and at any time.

Cost Savings:

Company expenditure can be highly reduced due to which capital and operational expenditure is reduced.


Cloud computing provides higher flexibility so that the companies can satisfy their customer demands.

Characteristics of Cloud:

  • Location independent
  • Self service
  • Elasticity
  • Measure Service
  • Unique Network access.

Types of services in Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing provides three types of services they are infrastructure, platform, software.

Infrastructure Services:

Instead of owning a full network infrastructure , companies are available to provide you the infrastructure on rental basis.

Platform Services:

With the help of platform services any software can run on the cloud service provider itself regardless what technology used in it.

Software Services:

Instead of buying the whole software we can use online itself to do several operations using the internet.

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