Phd in computer networking

What is computer Networking?

The computing devices are connected to each other to share data between the nodes using a data link is called computer Networking. The connections can be either wireless connections or wired connections. In other words a computer networking is a set of connected computer nodes. The computers that are connected are called nodes of the network. If the connections are wired then it is connected by ethernet. If the connections are wireless then the connections are radio waves.

What is topology?

If the network is broken into topology. There are different types of topology like star topology, bus topology , Ring topology , etc.

Characteristics of Computer Network:

  • We can create a files in one computer and access the files from another computer with the help of network
  • We can connect a printer or scanner to many computers. All the computer in the network can access the printer or scanner.
  • Also we can share the resources

Requirements to form a Computer Network:

We require the following elements to form a computer network

  • Distributors
  • Internal Network Cards
  • External Network Cards
  • Routers
  • Network Cables

Initialy we set of nodes i.e computers to form a computer network, routers, modems , switches , bridges, etc. We can set up a computer network by connecting all this devices either wired or wireless. So the network links are two types

  • Wired link (ethernet or any other cable)
  • Wireless link (Radio waves, etc)

Once all the above requirements are we can form network with any topology like star, ring, bus, mesh ,etc or we can create a network of our own.

Why PhD in Computer networking?

PhD in Computer networking is a vast domain. Computer Networking is one of the major topic in computer science and so scholars across the world select PhD in Computer networking.

Network Protocol:

The language that computer uses for its communication is called as network protocol. So we have to follow protocol for the communication of nodes in the network. The popular protocol are

  • TCP/IP
  • SCTP
  • IpV4
  • AODV

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