PhD thesis in mobile ad hoc networks

What is Mobile Ad Hoc Network?

Mobile Ad Hoc Network is a collection of wireless hosts that creates a temporary network without any help of any centralized support. And there is no support for network re-configuration

What is meant by ad hoc ?

If a network is dynamic and at any time a node can enter and leave the network , then the network is said to be ad hoc.

Example topic for PhD thesis in Mobile Ad hoc Network:

  • Sensor Network
  • Meetings
  • Emergency relief scenarios
  • Wearable computers

Cryptography Systems:

Cryptographic systems helps us to give authentication and privacy in computer and communication systems. There are many cryptographic algorithm available to encrypt and decrypt the information. The plain text produced by sender will be encrypted to produce cipher text. And the authentic receiver only knows how to decrypt the cipher text.

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How communication occurs in Mobile Ad hoc Network?

All the mobile nodes have communication range of its own , also the battery life time of the mobile nodes drains. Also because of the mobility the bandwidth is re-usable and so the capacity of the network get increased. In order to form a connected network each node act as the router, sink node and packet source. Each nodes route the message to every other node so that all the nodes in the network is connected.

Each message needs to be addressed so that the message can be routed to the correct destination. And we need to find the optimal route to reach the destination node. Since the links between the nodes are dynamic, it may get broken at any time when the node moves out of communication range. Also new links will be formed when new node comes under the communication range. And these information needs to be updated to all the nodes so that the routing can be perfect.


Example for Mobile Ad Hoc Network Routing:

There are many routing functions available here we are going to discuss about Distance Vector Routing. In this routing each node maintains a table in which the distance from itself to all other nodes are stored. At a particular time the node sends this information to all other nodes so that all the calculates the distance and finds the next nearest path to reach the destination node during the time of routing a packet.

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