Internet Of Things Projects:

What is Internet of Things?

Internet of things is a developing technology. Internet of things uses internet to control automobiles , devices. We can make use of user friendly GUI to control all the devices through internet. IOT can be used in home management system, industry monitoring system, home automation system, etc .

We help you to give ideas about internet of things projects. Since we have experts team who continuously do researches on internet of things. Some of the examples of Internet of things projects are

Applications of data science:

  • IOT Based Antenna Positioning System
  • IOT Based Industry Automation
  • IOT Alcohol & Health Monitoring System
  • IOT Liquid Level Monitoring System
  • IOT Asset tracking System
  • IOT Underground Cable Fault Detector Project
  • IOT Heart Attack Detection & Heart Rate Monitor
  • IOT Underground Cable Fault Detector Project
  • IOT Based Person/Wheelchair Fall Detection
  • IOT Streetlight Controller System

IOT based Garbage Monitoring System:

The Garbage monitoring system is very innovative system and helps to keep city clean. In this system ultrasonic sensors are placed in inside the garbage bin and the sensors are monitored with help of a web page. The depth of the garbage bin is measured initially and amount of garbage collected is sensed with the help of ultrasonic sensors. A modem is used to transfer the data sensed by the sensor and a LCD screen is used to show the level of the garbage collected. Also an alarm is set to alert the system if the garbage is filled in the garbage bin.

Internet of things projects are mostly hardware projects, but we can simulate the same environment using simulation tools like NS3, NS2, Omnet ++. The simulation tool helps to simulate the environment before it implement in environment. This helps to find whether the idea is useful or not. We help you give many ideas about internet of things for both simulation and hardware projects. For any queries about internet of things mail us.

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