Wireless Sensor Networks Projects :

Wireless sensor network is used to monitor the environmental condition and physical condition of the any area. The environmental conditions such as temperature, pressure, humidity , etc of any network.

Wireless Sensor Networks Projects in Simulation:

The wireless sensor network can be simulated using any simulated network before we implement in the physical environment. Employing wireless sensor nodes directly in the environment may increase the cost. So we can implement our idea in simulation to see whether our idea will improve the existing system . Various simulation tool available to simulate the wireless sensor network projects like Omnet++, NS2, NS3, Cooja etc.

All these tool helps to implement our own algorithm, existing algorithm, protocols etc.

Applications of Wireless sensor networks Projects:

  • Data center monitoring
  • Water/waste water monitoring
  • Landslide detection
  • Air pollution monitoring
  • Forest fire detection
  • Natural disaster prevention
  • Machine health monitoring
  • Structural health monitoring

Characteristics of Wireless sensor networks:

  • Easy to use
  • Power consumption of the node is done by batteries
  • Ability to withstand under any harsh environment
  • Ability to handle node failure.

Types of Wireless sensor networks:

  • Underwater WSNs
  • Multimedia WSNs
  • Terrestrial WSNs
  • Underground WSNs
  • Mobile WSNs

Example for Wireless sensor networks projects:

The wireless sensor networks can be used to find the land slides. These type of sensor nodes are very expensive. These nodes are implanted in the terrestrial areas . The wireless sensor nodes senses ground to monitor underground conditions. The information can be send to the sink node which collects the information from the sensor nodes and send to the authorized person. From that we find information about land slides and any other disasters. We help you to do your wireless sensor network projects , thesis works , journal publication , etc.

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