Contiki Cooja WSN Simulator

Cooja simulator is the efficient simulate wireless sensor networks. Cooja is the default simulator of contiki operating system that helps to simulate the wireless sensor networks in addition it helps to do the performance evolution.

What is the need of Contiki Cooja WSN Simulator?

Contiki is a light weight operating system that is developed mainly for wireless nodes. The motes that are developed by the contiki offers many advantages . Contiki offers a java based simulator called as cooja which is used to simulate the wireless sensors. Cooja simulator is more flexible so that many parts of the simulator is replaceable and extendable. the parts of the simulator like simulated node hardware, plug-ins and radio medium can be replaceable.

Characteristics of Cooja:

  • scalability
  • efficiency
  • extensibility
  • flexibility

Wireless sensor network has the powerful tool called tool in which it can be simulate the idea before it is implementing in real time.Contiki Cooja WSN Simulator mainly used to simulate many wireless scenario.

Contiki Cooja WSN simulator:

Contiki cooja is the best simulator to simulate any wireless sensors with its own property. For example , if we are designing a wireless sensor network that detects the earth quake , the sensor has its own property like lifetime, withstand ability, capacity, etc. We can design this wireless sensors with the same property in contiki cooja. When compared to other simulators cooja is developed purely for wireless sensor networks. In addition cooja is more flexible to change the properties of a node so that we could implement our own idea exactly. Wireless sensors play important role in IOT , where contiki Operating system was developed mainly for IOT devices, cooja is a simulator comes with the Contiki. So we can use the Cooja simulator for simulating any wireless sensor networks. With the cooja simulator we could do the performance evaluation with the help of this evaluation we can find out whether the proposed design is better than the existing work.

We do projects, thesis works on Contiki Cooja WSN simulator. For any doubts regarding contiki cooja wsn simulator mail us.

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