6LoWPAN in Contiki OS

What is 6LoWPAN in Contiki OS ?

6LoWPAN is abbreviation of IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Networks. The idea of 6LoWPAN came from that the IOT need to be implemented even to the small devices and with low power .

In 6LoWPAN header compression mechanism allows to IPv6 packets to be sent and received in IEEE 802.15.4 based networks. The IPv6 and IPv4 protocols helps us to deliver packets to the wide-area networks , metropolitan area networks and local-area networks

Advantages of 6LoWPAN in Contiki OS

Open IP standard

  • Nodes can be addressable from end to end
  • No gateway is required
  • Open IP standard includes TCP, HTTP, MQTT

Multiple PHY Support

  • Inter operable
  • Frequency and physical layer has more flexible
  • It can be used across multiple communication platform like Sub-1GHz ISM/802.15.4/ Wi-Fi/Ethernet

Mesh Routing

  • Self healing
  • Robust and scalable
  • many-to-one and One-to-many routing is possible
  • Router can route the data to the destination and so the nodes can be in sleep mode for longer time

Nodes of 6LoWPAN

6LoWPAN has hosts, routers and self healing mesh nodes. The devices like light bulbs , smoke detectors carries a IPv6 address. All these node needs small amount of power and this can be achieved by small micro controller.

The router of 6LoWPAN act as the intermediary device that translate the 6LoWPAN to standard IP header. So the router can act as the gateway.

The IOT devices can be connected to any cloud service provider with the help of internet. The data sensed by the IOT device reaches the end user with the help of cloud. The sensed information is stored in cloud and from the cloud the user can access the data with internet.

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